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Respironics Everflo Valve BEVP-V01-B

Matching with Philips Respironics home oxygen concentators.

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more than 50 million times



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The oxygen concentrator compresses filtered, ambient air and sends it to the directional-solenoid valve. The valve then directs compressed air into one of two molecular sieve beds. These adsorb nitrogen at pressure but let oxygen pass. The oxygen-enriched gas then flows to a pressure-reducing valve and through a bacterial filter near the outlet fitting.

  • When the electricity of the solenoid valve is switched on, the electromagnetic force opens the pilot hole, and the pressure in the upper chamber drops rapidly, forming a high-pressure difference between the upper and lower part around the closed part.
  • When the power of the solenoid valve is cut off, the pilot hole is closed by the spring force. The inlet pressure through the by-pass hole rapidly forms a low and high-pressure difference around the closing valve.

BENONI offers a wide range of solenoid valves for the reliable control of air and oxygen flow in-home and portable oxygen concentrator applications. Our teams can customize these products into a solution that meets the requirements of your specific application.

  • Philips Respironics Valve Body
  • Philips Respironics Valve with Solenoids and Wires
  • Valve repair kits
  • Customized Valve

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