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Oxygen Concentrator Solenoid Valve BEVP-V02-A

Matching with Philips Respironics home oxygen concentators.

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more than 50 million times


White and Black

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The concentrator works by compressing filtered, ambient air and sending it to the directional-solenoid valve. The valve then directs compressed air into one of two molecular sieve beds. These adsorb nitrogen at pressure but let oxygen pass. The oxygen-enriched gas then flows to a pressure-reducing valve and through a bacterial filter located near the outlet fitting.

As one adsorbent column generates oxygen, the other purges trapped nitrogen from the previous cycle. This regeneration process can pose problems because particles from molecular sieves can enter the directional valve. The control valve must deliver a precise amount of oxygen each cycle and work even if subject to particulate contamination. Should the valve fail, the concentrator shuts down, forcing patients and clinicians to use backup oxygen supplies.

BENONI offers a wide range of solenoid valves for the reliable control of air and oxygen flow in home and portable oxygen concentrator applications. Our teams can customize these products into a solution that meets the requirements of your specific application.

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