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Humidifier Bottle BEHB-A

Product Details


  • Cap: ABS
  • Bottle: PP
  • The connector uses the screw structure, this structure assure the Oxygen can not overflow. And the
    the connection between the tube and adapter should be firm.


·Do not resterilize or reuse.
·Amount of oxygen should be prescribed by a doctor.
·Disposable-For single patient use.

Direction for use

1. Fill the humidifier jar to the maximum fill line with water. Do not allow the water to fill below the minimum fill
line. Attach the humidifier lid to the jar.
2. Attach the wing nut on the humidifier to the oxygen source.
3. Connect oxygen supply tubing to the humidifier’s small nipple(outlet) connection and set the oxygen source to
the prescribed flow.
4. Adjust oxygen flow and concentrator as per doctor’s instructions.


The water in the humidifier jar should be changed every 8 hours to minimize bacterial growth. The use of
distilled or Sterilized water is recommended.

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