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Invacare HEPA Filter BEOX-F25

The filter is used for portable oxygen concentrators. Using for Invacare oxygen concentrator.

Additional information

Connector size



H64mm, L141mm, W63.5mm





Product Details

Hepa filter for oxygen concentrator is used as a cleaning filter for Invacare Oxygen Concentrators. It allows the machine to run in a systematic and pristine manner. The air pulled by the concentrator is converted into breathable oxygen using HEPA Capsule Filter. This filter improves the oxygen concentrator’s functioning and increases the life of the oxygen concentrators. It generates pure oxygen and also keeps the oxygen concentrator clean and hygienic. It is compatible with Invacare Platinum 5, 10, and Invacare Perfect02 concentrators.


  • Housing: ABS
  • Filter: Hydrophobic Glass Fiber

Packaging details

Single pack in PE bag


carton size 66x34x35cm

carton weight 12kgs

Note: This Invacare Hepa Filter can not be washed. It must be replaced when dirty.

How often to change the Invacare Hepa Filter?
The life of the filter generally varies from 6-12 months, but is variable based on the operating environment.

How to clean an oxygen concentrator HEPA filter?
Fill a tub or sink with warm water and a mild dishwashing soap and dip the filter into the solution in the tub or sink. Use a wet cloth to remove excess dirt and dust then rinse the filter to remove any excess soap.

Is it ideal to use Hepa Filter for Oxygen Concentrator without a filter?
You should never run the oxygen concentrator without a filter in place.

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