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Philips Respironics everflo Inlet filter BEOX-F24

The filter is used for portable oxygen concentrators. Using for Philips everflo oxygen concentrator.

Additional information

Connector size



H48mm, L120.8mm, W60.8mm





Product Details

Everflo Inlet Filter is ideal for keeping the concentrator machine clean and offers pure oxygen to the user. It is easy to clean the concentrator filter and it enhances the performance of the oxygen concentrator machines.


  • Housing: ABS
  • Filter: Hydrophobic Glass Fiber

Packaging details

Single pack in PE bag


carton size 48x33x35cm

carton weight 8kgs

How to replace everflo Inlet Filter?
To Remove Inlet Filter.
Remove the Filter Cover.
Remove the Air Inlet Filter.

To install Sunset Intake Filter:
Fully seat the Air Inlet Filter into the Inlet Boot.
Install the Filter Cover.

What to buy with Everflo Concentrator Filter?

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