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Philips Millennium M10 Flowmeter

Flowmeter is very important for an oxygen concentrator, it needs to be replaced in time if there is damage.

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To remove the Flow Meter:

  • Remove the Rear Cabinet. Refer to the Rear Cabinet Replacement Section.
  • Slide the Front Cabinet forward until it is clear from the Base Cabinet.
  • Working from inside the Front Cabinet, cut the cable ties then remove the pressure tubing from
    both fittings on the Flow Meter by pulling the tubing from each fitting.
  • While holding the Flow Meter in place, remove the two speed nuts from the threaded fittings on the
    back of the Flow Meter.
  • Remove the Flow Meter from the Front Cabinet assembly by pulling it straight out from the Front

To install the Flow Meter:

  •  Align the threaded fittings on the back of the supplied Flow Meter with the holes in the Front Cabinet.
    NOTE: The Flow Meter must be mounted with the shaft for the Flow Meter knob at the top.
  • While holding the Flow Meter in place, install the support speed nuts to secure the Flow Meter to
    the Front Cabinet. Hand tighten the speed nuts.
  • Connect the pressure tubing to the fittings on the Flow Meter then secure the tubing with the cable
    ties provided.
  • Turn on the unit and check the flow tube connections for leaks.
  • If no leaks are detected, Turn off the unit and reassemble and test unit.


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