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How often should filters of the oxygen concentrator be cleaned?

The filters in the oxygen machine should be replaced every six months, or as often as needed to maintain the normal operation of the machine.

Pollutants at the inlet of an oxygen concentrator can cause the filter to become blocked, preventing the oxygen concentrator from breathing air or properly filtering the air it is trying to breathe.

In general, the filter at the inlet of the oxygen concentrator needs to be cleaned weekly. How to clean the filter?

Step 1: Remove the filter. Filters are usually located on the side or back of the machine. Do not run the oxygen concentrator without a filter. Change the filter if necessary.

Step 2: Clean the filter with warm water, a small amount of detergent can be added, after cleaning, rinse off with running water detergent. Take care not to use soap, hand sanitizer and other cleaning materials, which can re-contaminate the filter. After cleaning, dry with a soft, non-flannelette cloth.

Step 3: Dry the filter. Place the inlet filter on a clean paper towel in a well ventilated room. Make sure the filter is completely dry before inserting it back into the machine.

You can also spend some time checking for wear and tear in the filter during the drying process. If there is wear and tear, it is time to replace the filter. Filters can usually be used for six months to a year, it is best to spare 1-2 filters. Change and clean the filter at intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

One of the most critical steps in maintaining an oxygen concentrator is cleaning the inlet filter. Without a clean filter, the machine can’t produce the clean oxygen it needs to keep patients healthy, so make sure you take the time to clean the filters and replace them as needed.

Common filters:

Devilbiss filter

Longfian filter

Philips filter

Philips everflo 5L filter

Invacare filter

Omron filter

3B Medical filter

M50 filter

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