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Why Would Millennium Concentrator Stop Working?

ProblemProbable cause Solution
The device is not working when it is turned on, the alarm condition (red light) is activated and the power indicator (green light) is not illuminated.1.The power cord plug is not properly inserted into the electrical outlet.
2.No power from the electrical outlet.
3.Internal part failure.
1.Make sure the device is properly plugged into the electrical outlet.
2.Check your household outlet fuse or circuit breaker.
3.Contact Air Products.
Lower oxygen (yellow light) activated.1.The air flow to the device is impeded or blocked.
2.The flowmeter knob is completely closed.
3.The oxygen tubing is kinked and blocking the delivery of oxygen.
1.Check the condition of the air inlet filter and clean or replace as necessary. Remove any items that appear to be blocking the air flow into the device.
2.Turn the flowmeter counterclockwise to center ball on prescribed flow rate.
3.Check to see that the tubing is not kinked or blocked. Replace if necessary.
Alarm condition (red light) activated, when the device is on with the power indicator (green light) on.Internal system failure.Contact your Air Products technician immediately.
Limited oxygen flow to the user.1.Faulty oxygen tubing, cannula or face mask.
2.Faulty humidifier bottle.
1.Inspect and replace the items if necessary.
2.Inspect and replace the item if necessary.
Alarm is weak or not sounding when the power cord is unplugged and power switch is on.The 9V battery is weak.Contact your Air Products technician.
After the above inspection, then verifying the oxygen purity by oxygen analyzer.

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