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DeVilbiss Flowmeter BEOX-FMD

Custom-made flow meter is available for applying to oxygen concentrator.

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The pressure-compensated flow meter has an accuracy level of ±5% at full scale (exception: +0%,-5% at 5 lpm). The flow meter on the DeVilbiss Oxygen Concentrator is designed for use at 8.5 psi (58.6 kPa) at
flow rates up to 5 lpm.

To check for leaks in the flow meter tubing:

  1. Check for leaks using a certified leak detection solution such as
    Snoop® or equivalent (must not contain ethylene glycol).
  2. Apply leak test solution to all fittings and hose connections with the
    unit running.
    CAUTION–Do not apply leak test solution to any part of the rotary
    valve or the main PC Board assembly.
  3. If an air leak is present, the solution will bubble. All leaks should be
    repaired before putting the concentrator back in service.

To replace the flow meter:

  1. Make sure the unit is unplugged from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove the front and back cabinets.
  3. From behind the bib remove the 2 hoses from the flow meter.
  4. While squeezing tabs on flow meter brackets, push the flow meter through the bib.
  5. Install new flow meter in bib and reconnect hoses.

We also supply flowmeter for Invacare, Airsep, Inogen, Yuwell, Longfian, Owgels, and other major brands. 

  • Invacare Platinum 5L
  • Invacare Platinum 10L
  • Invacare Perfecto
  • Invacare PerfectoV
  • Respironics Everflo
  • Respironics Millenium 5L
  • Respironics Millenium 10L
  • Airsep 5L
  • Airsep 6/8L
  • Airsep 10L


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