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How to choose Oxygen Analyzer for Oxygen Concentrator?

O2 Concentration Monitors

What is an Oxygen Analyzer for Oxygen Concentrator?

Oxygen analyzers measure oxygen levels produced by oxygen generators, oxygen concentrators, oxygen systems, and oxygen machines. The oxygen analyzer for oxygen concentrator is based on advanced ultrasonic technology, which is used to measure oxygen concentration for household and portable oxygen concentrator.

How do you measure oxygen concentration in a concentrator?

In order to measure the oxygen concentration of the oxygen concentrator, unique testing equipment – an Oxygen Analyzer is required.
Oxygen analyzers work by detecting the oxygen concentration using an ultrasonic sensor.
These sensors are based on the principle of sonic velocity or ultrasonic waves. When sound travels through a gas, it travels at different speeds and its intensity attenuates to different degrees depending on the composition of the gas. The change in velocity is proportional to the oxygen concentration in the sampled gas. The speed of sound is a function of the molecular composition of the gas.
In ultrasonic sensors, solid-state sensors have a longer lifetime compared to electrochemical cells.

What Is the Difference Between Different Oxygen Sensors?

O2 Sensor TechnologyWorking PrincipleProsCons
 Ultrasonic SensorsThe speed of sound is a function of the molecular composition of the gas. The speed and attenuation is proportional to the oxygen content.1. Easy to integrate with electronics.
2.Immediate ON
3.Long life
4.Long calibration stability
1.Mid-range price.
2.More bulky than electrochemical cells.
Electrochemical CellsGas reacts with a working electrode, triggering an electrochemical redox reaction. A current is generated proportional to the oxygen level.1.Small & cheap
2.Easy to integrate with electronics
3.Immediate ON
1.Limited life from 24 to 36 months.
2.Influenced by temperature and humidity.
Zirconia SensorsZirconia allows  oxygen ions to travel and when they are exposed to gases at different concentrations, an electrochemical voltage is generated.1.Very accurate
2.Large detection range
3.Requires control hardware
1.Very expensive.
2.Requires heating and power.

How to choose the right oxygen analyzer?

The following issues need to be clarified:

  • What is the range of oxygen detection you need? The oxygen concentration in the air is 21%, and the detection range is usually higher than 21%. According to the design principle of the oxygen generator, under normal circumstances, the rare gas in the air is not easy to be removed by the molecular sieve, so the theoretical maximum oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator is not higher than 95.6%. Choosing an oxygen meter in this range is more convenient for detecting the oxygen concentration of the oxygen concentrator.
  • What oxygen measurement resolution do you need?
  • How often do you use the oxygen analyzer?
  • What is your budget for purchasing an oxygen analyzer? The oxygen analyzer is mainly used to detect the oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator, and some oxygen analyzers are also equipped with pressure and flow detection. The domestic oxygen concentrator is equipped with a pressure regulating valve, and the pressure is usually stable. Oxygen flow can also be detected by a flow meter. Therefore, choosing an oxygen meter that only detects the concentration can reduce the purchase cost while meeting the needs. If you choose an oxygen analyzer of the BENONI brand, the cost can be saved by more than 40%.
  • Are there any special product requirements for the oxygen device you are equipped with?
  • Do you need a portable oxygen analyzer? Whether it is for home testing or outdoor carrying, a portable oxygen analyzer is essential. BENONI’s oxygen analyzer is very small and easy to carry.

Based on these questions, you can make a reasonable choice for your needs. If you want to reduce your budget, you can make compromises in product functionality and choose an instrument mainly for oxygen concentration measurement.

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