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Oxygen Analyzer BEOX-A01

Portable Ultrasonic Oxygen Analyzer. For use with all Oxygen Concentrators.

Oxygen Analyzer Unit to Test Concentrator Flow Rate Level Accuracy.

Additional information

Oxygen Measurement Range


Oxygen Measurement Accuracy


Senor type


Senor life

Expected life is 5 years




Max 10L/min


DC 6.5-12V, 50mA

Battery Requirement

EXCELL battery (1x 9V), Model: 6LR61

Product Details

Product Components:

oxygen analyzer component 1


oxygen analyzer component 2



Product Specifications:

Power: Built-in lithium battery DC6.5-12V, 50mA

Sensor: Ultrasonic oxygen sensor

Sensor life: > 5 years

Oxygen (O2) Range: 21% – 95.6%

O2 flow range: 0 – 10 LPM

O2 pressure: 150kPa

Recovery / response time: 5 seconds

Storage temperature: -5-65°C

Operating temperature: 10-50°C

Storage / operating humidity: 5-85% RH

Battery: 1x9V Li-lon battery

Low Battery Indication: ““LO BAT” icon displayed on LCD”

Dimensions: 85 x 35.5 x 103mm (L*W*H)

Weight: 139g

Warm-up time: < 1 second

Calibration: Not required

Expected life: Over 5 years


Features and Benefits:

  • Accurate oxygen measurements l
  • Ultrasonic intelligent detection l
  • LCD purity display l
  • Low battery indication l
  • Easy to operate l
  • Mini size



  1. DO not use the BEOX-A01 to check a concentrator with a Humidifier Bottle directly, humidity could damage the device.
  2. DO not immerse BEOX-A01 or connecting pipe in liquid.
  3. Oxygen analyzer should be prohibited from direct sunlight, and don’t keep in places that are easily wet.
  4. DO not autoclave or expose the BEOX-A01 to high temperatures.
  5. DO not expose the BEOX-A01 to irradiation, vacuum, steam, or harsh chemicals.
  6. DO not use if dirt or contaminants are present on or around this Oxygen Analyzer or connecting devices.
  7. Use of the BEOX-A01 near devices that generate electrical fields may cause erratic readings.
  8. Oxygen rapidly accelerates combustion. Do not smoke while using the BEOX-A01 for checking oxygen concentrators.
  9. It’s better use the standard connecting pipe, if the connecting pipe more than 2 meters, may cause delay in response time and erratic readings.


Operating Instructions:

  1. Install the battery. Battery of EXCELL 9V can be purchased directly by users once used out of the battery.
  2. Connect the oxygen analyzer and oxygen concentrator with connecting pipe.
  3. Press the ON/OFF Button for 3s, turn on the oxygen analyzer until with a “Beep” sound, and hold for 10s then the oxygen concentration rised will be displayed on the LCD.
  4. Press the ON/OFF Button for 3s, turn off the oxygen analyzer until with a “Beep” sound.
  5. Oxygen analyzer will reach the basic precision after working 10s.


Sleep Modes:

Automatic sleep mode: Under the power-on state, the oxygen analyzer will enter sleep mode automatically after working 15min, then power off.

Delayed sleep mode: Under the power-on state,each time the button is clicked, the sleep time timing of oxygen analyzer will be re-timed.


Low-Battery indicate:

The “LO BAT” symbol will be shown on the LCD display once the voltage of battery less than 6.5V, please replace the battery ASAP. (Battery of EXCELL 9V can be purchased directly by users once used out of the battery. )


Trouble Shutting:

  1. The oxygen analyzer doesn’t work after turning on — Check the battery. Install the battery properly.
  2. Can not enter into the Sleep Mode — Power up again. If it still has this problem, send it back to your provider.
  3. Oxygen analyzer responds slowly or seems to drift — Wait approximately 15 min for Oxygen analyzer to stabilize the environment. If it still has this problem, power up again.
  4. Low Battery Indicator is displayed — Replace battery.
  5. No Display/ LCD screen will not power ON — Maybe the death battery, then please replace battery.
  6. The wrong or inaccurate readings on the LCD display.
  • Wait approximately 15 min for Oxygen analyzer to stabilize the environment. If it still has this problem, power up again.
  • Please check if the device get wet, or if connect with a humidifier bottle directly.
  • Please check the connecting pipe your own, the narrow connecting pipe and the connecting pipe more than 2 meters may cause the erratic readings, then use the standard one.




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