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Solenoid Valve for Oxygen Concentrator

solenoid valve for oxygen concentrators

Which valve is used in oxygen concentrator?

The valve is one of the most important components of an oxygen concentrator, and its development is also the most challenging. A common home oxygen concentrator solenoid valve is a solenoid-operated pneumatic directional control valve that helps convert ordinary air into 95% pure oxygen for breathing. Oxygen concentrators rely on valves to deliver the precise amount of oxygen in each cycle to produce sufficient oxygen.

How does a solenoid valve work?

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Oxygen concentrators work by compressing filtered ambient air and sending it to a directional solenoid valve. The valve then directs the compressed air into one of the two molecular sieve beds. They absorb nitrogen under pressure, but let oxygen through. The oxygen-enriched gas then flows to the pressure regulator valve and passes through a bacterial filter located near the outlet fitting.

While one sieve bed produces oxygen, the other sieve bed desorbs the trapped nitrogen from the previous cycle. This regeneration process can be problematic because particles in the molecular sieve can enter the solenoid valve. The solenoid valve must deliver a precise amount of oxygen in each cycle to function properly even with particulate contamination. If the solenoid valve fails, the oxygen concentrator will shut down, so regular maintenance and replacement of the solenoid valve are especially important.

How to get a solenoid valve for oxygen concentrators?

Portable and Home oxygen concentrators have strict design requirements to ensure optimum performance of the medical device and ease of use for the patient. The solenoid valves in these devices must have high flow capabilities, compact footprints, and consume very little power. BENONI offers a wide range of precision solenoid valves for reliable control of air and oxygen flow in portable and home oxygen concentrator applications. BENONI’s team can customize these products to meet the requirements of your specific application.

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