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Oxygen Sieve BEOX-S3

MOLECULAR SIEVE BEOX-S3 is a sodium-based zeolite molecular sieve. Using in PSA oxygen generators.

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Particle size


Selectivity N2/O2

N2 adsorption capacity


Product Details

MOLECULAR SIEVE BEOX-S3 is a synthetic zeolite type X Sodium form with an effective pore opening of 10 angstroms. BEOX-S3 adsorbent’s superior performance is directly related to its enhanced N2/O2 selectivity relative to the PSA O2 HP adsorbent. The reduction in oxygen adsorption provides greater oxygen recovery. BEOX-S3 has a high nitrogen capacity combined with the high physical strength of the beads. This, together with excellent dynamic characteristics allows maximum usage of the available adsorber bed volume. The equipment is normally used in a PSA mode.


Molecular sieve BEOX-S3 adsorbent is mainly used for oxygen generation with the PSA method and can generate oxygen with a purity of 93±3%.

Storage & Package

It is better to be stored at room temperature. Do not expose to the air directly and avoid water, acid, and alkali.

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