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Oxygen Sieve BEOX-S5

MOLECULAR SIEVE BEOX-S5 is a sodium-based zeolite molecular sieve. Using in oxygen concentrators.

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Particle size


Selectivity N2/O2

N2 adsorption capacity


Product Details

MOLECULAR SIEVE BEOX-S5 is a sodium-based zeolite molecular sieve with a pore opening of 10 Angstrom (1.0 nm). Molecular sieve BEOX-S5 can separate nitrogen from oxygen by the PSA process. Molecular sieve BEOX-S5 is developed and designed for the production of oxygen from the air. It is particularly used in small-scale medical oxygen concentrators. It is used in 3-5L liter per minute concentrators. Molecular sieve BEOX-S5 contains a very open pore structure giving excellent equilibrium and dynamic performance, high selectivity for nitrogen with optimum physical strength.


Molecular sieve BEOX-S5 is used in oxygen concentrators.

Storage & Package

STORAGE: It is better to be stored at room temperature. Do not expose to the air directly and avoid water, acid, and alkali.

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