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Aquaculture Oxygen generator BEOC-W3

The oxygen generator BEOC-W3 has the advantages of high purity, stable and reliable system, long service life, convenient installation and low energy consumption. We can customize professional products available in 1-50l flow rates.

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Product Details

Working Principle

The solid impurities such as oil and dust in the air and most of the gases are removed by the pretreatment system, and then the nitrogen and oxygen are separated by the zeolite adsorption tower.

Using pressure adsorption, desorption cycle decompression, so that the Compressed air alternately into the tower to achieve separation, thus continuous production of high purity oxygen.

Technical specification

Flow 1-3LPM 1-5LPM 1-8LPM 1-10LPM
Output Pressure 40-60kPa 40-60kPa 60-80kPa 60-80kPa
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50HZ±lHz                   115V/60Hz±lHz
Purity 93%±3%
Operation Environment Temperature5°C~40°C, Humidity≤80%, Atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106kPa
Power Consumption 190W(Aver) 290W(Aver) 480W(Aver) 560W(Aver)
Weight 12kg 13kg 16.5kg 17.5kg
Size 445x245x450mm
Noise <48dB(A) <50dB(A) <55dB(A) <55dB(A)

/Storage Condition

Temperature-20°C~55°C, Humidity≤93%, Atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106kPa


1. Provide oxygen for plants, animals and aquatic products; enrich microbial culture.
2. Oxygen-deficient environment in mines and high-altitude areas.
3. Energy conversion and waste incineration.
4. Prepare ozone and ozone generator equipment.
5. Petroleum and chemical industry, glass production, paper making, welding and cutting, furnace and various metal products, high temperature processing, etc.


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