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Philips Millennium M10 Power Switch

Power Switch is matching with Millennium M10 Oxygen Concentrator.

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Power Switch is matching with Millennium Oxygen Concentrator.


To remove the Power Switch

  • Remove the Rear Cabinet. Refer to the Rear Cabinet Replacement Section. Slide the Front Cabinet forward until it is clear from the Base Cabinet.
  • Looking at the back of the Power Switch from inside the Front Cabinet, note the position and colors of the wires connected to the terminals on the Power Switch.
  • Using needle nose pliers, remove the wires from the Power Switch terminals. Using your fingers
    or a small flat-blade screwdriver, depress the latches on each corner of the Power Switch.
  • While depressing the latches, push the Power Switch out of the Front Cabinet assembly.

To install the Power Switch

  • 1. Orient the Power Switch so that the single terminal is at the top. Align the Power Switch with the
    opening in the Front Cabinet assembly. Press the Power Switch into the Front Cabinet assembly
    until all four latches on the Power Switch lock in place.
  • Install the wires onto the terminals of the Power Switch. Ensure that they are installed in their original position.


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