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5 Tips – How to set up Oxygen Concentrator at home?

how to set up oxygen concentrator

5 Tips help you to set up your oxygen concentrator at home:

  1. Place the concentrator at least 3 inches from walls, furniture, and draperies. Avoid placing it on deep pile carpets or near heaters, radiators, or hot air registers.
  2. Plug the concentrator into an electrical outlet. Extension cords are never to be used.
  3. Connect the humidifier bottle (if prescribed), up to 50 feet of crush-proof delivery tubing, and a 7-foot cannula.
  4. Turn the unit ON and Set the flow meter to the prescribed flow rate. To properly set the flow rate, center the ball on the L/min line of the flow meter. NOTE: The flow must be set after all delivery
    apparatuses have been connected
  5. The concentrator may be used during the initial start warm-up period (approximately 30 min.) while waiting for the O2 purity to reach maximum.
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