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How do you maintain the Invacare oxygen concentrator?

A few things to note about the use of the Invacare oxygen concentrator:

  1. The water level of the humidified bottle is less than half a bottle or one-third of the capacity, please use pure water.
  2. The primary filter cotton on both sides of the machine is cleaned regularly by “beating”. Don’t wash it with water, so as not to dry it and suck water into the machine while it is working, causing the circuit board to be wet and the air compressor to be rusty, moisture of oxygen-producing molecular sieve.
  3. The two-stage filters are inside the machine. Some of the filters of the oxygen concentrators are opened from the small cover on the left side of the machine. Some of the filters of the oxygen concentrators are opened from the cover door protruding from the back of the machine, the secondary filter is usually replaced once every 1500 hours or so.

The oxygen making machine needs to be maintained after several years of use (even if the new storage is not in use) , especially the molecular sieve type oxygen concentrator, the molecular sieve has a “validity period”, the molecular sieve will grow with the time, the ability to absorb nitrogen from the air gradually weakened, and finally the customer found that the machine in use, “low oxygen”, the machine system automatically detect oxygen purity below 85% orange light, the machine system automatically detects the oxygen purity below 73% . The red light is on and the oxygen concentrator stops.

Oxygen concentrator in use after a few years, the main parts of the internal air compressor, four-way valve also need regular testing and maintenance, pressure changes.

Can the bright orange light of the Invacare concentrator work?

In response to the bright orange color of the Invacare oxygen concentrator, the detailed answers are as follows:

The molecular sieve oxygen concentrator has been used for a certain number of years (or stored for a certain number of years without use) , or accumulated for thousands or tens of thousands of hours, oxygen concentration will slowly drop from 95.6% to the concentration limit set inside the machine (less than 85%) , the machine will be bright orange, etc. . If the oxygen concentration is less than the value set by the machine’s internal program (less than 73%) , the machine will change from Orange and to red light, and 1-2 minutes after the stop buzzer long sound. If the customer does not make the too big request to the oxygen, in the bright orange light, also may adjust the flow rate to 3 liters or below, which may continue to use a period of time, does not have the influence to the machine itself, but oxygen levels are only 85% or less. For patients with pulmonary obstruction, it is recommended that the orange light be turned on for timely maintenance.

The reasons why the flow can not be adjusted are: high and low pressure failure of air flow when the main engine is working, low efficiency of oxygen generation, broken or blocked pipes, etc. .

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