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Do You Need A Humidifier with An Oxygen Concentrator?

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A humidifier doesn’t affect your oxygen therapy, so it’s not always necessary. The high flow oxygen can cause nasal, throat, and mouth dryness. A humidifier can help make therapy more comfortable, keeping you more compliant with your oxygen treatment. You may also want to consider using a humidifier if you live in an elevated environment, or somewhere with a naturally dry climate.

You can purchase a humidifier bottle and tubing separately or you can get a humidifier starter kit so that you have everything you need to add humidification to your oxygen concentrator. Both reusable humidifier bottles and disposable bottles are available.

When Should I Use a Humidifier Bottle with an Oxygen Concentrator?

  • You experience nasal, throat and mouth dryness during your oxygen therapy
  • Your doctor prescribes humidification with oxygen therapy

How to connect a Humidifier Bottle to an Oxygen Concentrator?

  1. Fill the humidifier bottle with distilled water to the maximum fill line. Do not overfill.
  2. Attach the humidifier cap to the bottle. Tighten carefully making sure to thread the cap and bottle snugly. Avoid cross threading as this will cause a leak.
  3. Depending on the machine you have, attach the inlet nut to the oxygen outlet or humidifier adaptor on the oxygen system and hand tighten. If the inlet nut or adaptor are cross threaded, oxygen will leak out.
  4. Test the humidifier for leaks by setting the flow rate at 4 liters (or higher) and block the humidifier outlet. The safety valve should “pop”or “whistle” within 15 seconds. If it does not, check the bottle and lid to assure they are tight and repeat the test.

5. After the humidifier bottle is attached properly, connect your extension tubing to the humidifier outlet, and turn the flow rate to your prescribed level.

Caution: It is extremely important that you assemble the humidifier bottles correctly to avoid any leaks or you may not be receiving the amount of oxygen prescribed.

How do you clean oxygen humidifier bottles?

Empty the humidifier bottle, wash inside and out with soap and water, rinse with a disinfectant, and follow with a hot water rinse; then refill the humidification bottle with distilled water.

What kind of water is used in humidifier bottles for oxygen concentrators?

Rinse the humidifier flask under running water. Fill in with proper distilled water or cold boiled water within the scale between the top scale line and the lowest one.

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